My Testimony

" Called Out"

Elaine Ruth Rose is a third generation Jewish believer in Jesus the Messiah since the age of nine. After her water baptism at 9, she was called as a ‘Psalmist ‘by God. She made a deal with G-d," that if He talked her mother into buying a piano and having lessons, she would use her gifting for Him always. Unknown to her, Gods eternal purpose was sealed from the day she made that confession.

Within 3 years, the piano and lessons came forth. and G-d gave the musical understanding and ability to play almost anything She became the high school orchestra pianist and used her evangelistic gifting to reach many through her piano playing and witnessing . Elaine, like Jonah did not want to do what G-d was asking of her. She preferred the Gentile world and viewed herself like Paul, a missionary to the gentile instead of the Jew. She found the Jewish people somewhat hard to reach and her efforts futile to them as a People..

" Go to the Jew?"

One day while sitting at the piano at 19 years of age, playing music of the most renowned prolific composer in the secular world, she questioned G-d as to why He would gift a heathen with such a high musical prowess in composition. God spoke in a still small voice, "I am going to gift you as a composer except it will be a love song to Me" Is that me speaking or you L-rd"? were her thoughts. Ten years later, after the Lord challenged and gave her the opportunity to become the pianist for a Synogogue, she reluctantly said yes to the call at the Temple. It was "there" that G-d endowed her with the gift of composition. Being raised in a Baptist congregation by parents who came to a saving knowledge of their Messiah before she was born, Elaine had no understanding of her Jewish roots at all. Nothing was ever taught by her parents or the Church about her Jewish roots. So being in the Temple was uncomfortable for her. As Elaine would study the scriptures and parallel the Old and New Covenant together, G-d would birth a song with a perfect melody that correlated the message of both scriptures. After a while, she found herself composing songs about Sion, The eternal dwelling place of the Lord. Much of the music was prophetic in nature.

" Signs and wonders in are the House of Israel"

Many years went by as Elaine grew in her knowledge of Israel and the plan of redemption that centers around them as a Nation. Given a gift to visit Israel for 11 days Elaine went knowing the Lord would unfold the purpose and plan for her.. At the wailing wall, the entire symphony of music was lifted along with Hebrew commentaries about the Hebrew alphabet that she had studied for 7 years "Do what you will Lord". The next day while visiting a Davidic harp factory God her showed how the 22 strings of the prophetic harp are paralleled with the sacred 22 Hebrew letters. She then understood that the music would outline the plan of redemption and that there was a song that perfectly matched the meaning for each Hebrew letter. Returning home from Israel at the airport she asked the Lord for a sign that if this was the case, to let there be exactly 22 petals on her Rose that was given to her by missionaries. Sure enough.

The past 14 years of composing scriptural music has led to the formation of a masterpiece design called ," The Coronation of the King". It is a Hebraic Levitical worship event. Everything seen or heard ,and danced to on stage, is an expression of Biblical truth encompassing both Covenants, designed to reach the House of Israel for their Messiah, and all Gentile nations destined to be part of the commonwealth of Israel (Eph 3).