Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.”  Psalm 122:6

Banners and Music

Each Banner represents a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Click the underlined word to see the banner and hear the music.

(The music is only a small portion of each piece.)

Banners used in "The Coronation of the King"


  • ALEPH is the 1st and master letter representing strength, power and "God is ONE."  Word Picture: sacrificial animal
  • BEIT is the 2nd letter reflecting Creation and Blessing. Word picture: house, tabernacle
  • GIMEL is the 3rd letter representing God's lovingkindness. Word picture: Camel
  • DALET is the 4th letter symbolizing The Door. Word picture, The door
  • HAY is the 5th letter representing Repentence, Divinity, Revelation, the Breath of God, and His mercy. Word picture: window
  • VAV is the 6th letter representing transformation, conjunction, continuity, completion and redemption. Word picture: hook, nail
  • ZAYIN is the 7th letter representing struggle, sustenance, to cut out and the spirit of man. Word picture: weapon
  • CHET is the 8th letter meaning transcendence, life and going beyond the physical realm. Word picture: fence, wall
  • TET is the 9th letter meaning to surround, twist, representing evil, the serpent and judgment. Word picture: serpent
  • YOD is the 10th letter representing God's divine hand and His will in action, a deed and completed work. Word picture: closed hand
  • KAF is the 11th letter symbolizing 'crowning achievement' and to cover. Word picture: open palm of hand
  • LAMED is the 12th letter representing teaching, learning, to go towards and the tongue. Word picture: shepherd's staff
  • MEM is the 13th letter symbolizing massive overpowering, and both the revealed and concealed will of God. Word picture: water; wave
  • NUN is the 14th letter symbolizing God's faithfulness, life and activity. Word picture: fish
  • SAMECH is the 15th letter symbolizing divine support and protection. Word picture: place of protection
  • AYIN is the 16th letter symbolizing the eye, spiritual insight and perception. Word picture: eye
  • PEH is the 17th letter reflecting speech, preaching and the articulating of praise. Word picture: open mouth, closed mouth.
  • TZADDI is the 18th letter associated with the righteousness of God Himself, to harvest and desire. Word picture: seal, signet
  • KOPH is the 19th letter reflecting the holiness of God and the growth associated with the Saints. Word picture: hole of an ax
  • RESH is the 20th letter standing for wickedness, the wicked , being the head among the great or wicked, greatness or degradation. Word picture: front and back of a head
  • SHIN/Sin is the 21st letter representing God's divine power and provision and to consume in power. Word picture: tooth
  • TAHV is the final letter meaning truth and perfection. Word picture: sign, cross

Finale banners of "The Coronation of the King"


  • PROPHET - As Prophet, Yahshua was born the Creator.
  • PRIEST - As Priest, Yahshua was born after the Order of Melchisedek.
  • KING - As King, Yahshua is our High Priest.


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