The Coronation of the King

Sion's Rose Ministries

See The Video of Last Years Coronation of the King in NYC Below

Please See Below For Information On This Years Coronation of the King on June 4, 2022

Calling all Messianic Believers who love our Messiah Yahshua, His Torah, and the Land of Israel!


SION’S ROSE  presents:  

The Coronation of The King!


Sion’s Rose Ministries, out of The Carolinas, is calling end time believers to Birmingham, AL, for our 5th Messianic Kingdom Processional in major cities in the USA.

Birmingham, AL. has been chosen by our Messiah to visit on His Feast of Shavuot/Pentecost on June 4th, 2022. Please go to www.sionsrose.org website to view our previous Processional in NYC in May 2021.

It is thoroughly messianic in nature in banners, flags shofar teams, floats, and music. The gospel is given at the end of the Processional. (Prophet Chuck Pierce prophesied this year that the world harvest would begin in Birmingham, AL. as The Spirit of Yah would be poured out there first). 

We especially welcome our 1st Nations peoples to have a predominant placement in their tribal regalia w/ their hand drums. Messianic and Patriotic music is played  by our sound systems.

Many positions require all WHITE (not beige or cream color) long pants, closed-toe white shoes, long sleeve shirts to carry the sacred items (NO sneakers).

Shofar participants have their own special garments supplied by the ministry (except

for closed-toe white shoes (A Professional uniformed army).

After prayerful consideration, please email one of our team members listed below, to

share your desire to participate in this historical event in 2022.

All participants pay their own travel expenses and accommodations, which are always economical, as we scout out the most conservative way to stay long before the event!

For more information, please go to sionsrose.org or contact:

Director and Messianic Teacher Sion’s Rose/ Elaine@sionsrose.org

Administrative Coordinator Lynn Joy Button/ lynnbutton830@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant Bette Cassida/ bettecassida57@live.com



View our previous Processional in NYC in May 2021 below: